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In the Classroom > Course Overview

Background Essays for
The Nile of New England:
A Study of the History of a Connecticut River Valley Town Over Three Centuries

Unit 1 - The Colonial Period 1680 - 1720

Lesson 1 - Overview of World Events During the Deerfield Colonial Period

Settlements in the New Land

Lesson 3 - English Settlement

Notes by Susan McGowan about The Social and Cultural Landscape of 17th Century New England by David Grayson Allen

Lesson 4 - The Work of an Historian / Research 17th Century Colonist John Pynchon of Springfield, Massachusetts

Primary and Secondary Sources

Lesson 5 - The Story of How Deerfield Came To Be

The Dedham Grant

The 1671 Map Fragment

Deerfield As a Frontier Settlement

Lesson 6 - A Visit To Deerfield, Learning About the Layout of This Colonial Village

Settlement and Occupation of Deerfield

Lesson 7 - Conflict in the Frontier Town of Deerfield

The Deerfield Raid

Lesson 8 - The Genre of Captivity Literature

Captivity Literature

Lesson 9 - A Research Project: A Discussion of the Recreating and Populating of a Colonial Village

The English Settlers in Deerfield

Lesson 10 - A Second Visit to Deerfield

The Wells-Thorn House
The Common and the Meeting House
Death and Dying in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Lesson 11 - New England Colonials: John Stebbins and Ebenezer Wells (1691-1758)

Creating a Geneology


Unit 2 - The Federal Period 1780 - 1820

Lesson 1 - Deerfield Matures and Finds Its Identity: Placing Deerfield in a National Context

1704-1790 -- Growth and Struggle

Lesson 2 - Refinement in Deerfield: The River Gods

The Age of Refinement

Lesson 3 - Using Primary Documents: "Agreeable to His Genius"

Agreeable to His Genius

Lesson 4 - Martha Ballard (1785-1812): An Essential Woman in Her Community

Women's Roles during the Federal Era

Lesson 5 - The Middling Class in Deerfield: Two People on Albany Road: A Case study

The Middling Sort

Lesson 6 - Revolution in Deerfield: Political Turmoil

American Revolution in the Connecticut River Valley

Lesson 7 - Daniel Shays and the Constitution

Rebellious Farmers

Lesson 8 - Deerfield Matures: Deerfield's Changing Economy

Deerfield Matures
About Account Books

Lesson 9 - Education and the Founding of the Academies

Education in 18th century Deerfield: An Overview

Lesson 10 - Family Life in the Federal Period

Women's Roles Begin to Change
Student Background Essay: Lifeways, 1770 - 1850

Lesson 11 - Refinement in Deerfield as Exemplified in the Visual Image of the Town

Neo-Classicism and Refinement

Lesson 12 - Death and the Deerfield Graveyard

Death and Community

Lesson 13 - Deerfield Visit: Reading a House/Place: Ebenezer Hinsdale Williams House

The Home of Ebenezer Williams

Lesson 14 - Meeting House

Development of the Meeting House


Unit 3 - The Progressive Period 1880 - 1920

Lesson 1 - A Snapshot of the Connecticut River Valley - 1880

A Glimpse at Deerfield in the Connecticut River Valley

Lesson 2 - National Trends Create Regional Change: Agriculture Gives Way to Industry

Industrial Change and Effect

Lesson 3 - Immigration in the Connecticut River Valley

Through the City, To these Fields: Eastern European Immigration to Franklin County, Massachusetts

Lesson 4 - Deerfield Debates its Future: Education

Education as a Constructive Tool for a Modern Political Society

Lesson 5 - Debating the Future of Deerfield: The Colonial Revival

Reasons for the Revival

Lesson 6 - Deerfield Debates its Future: What Constitutes Progress?

essay not available yet

Lesson 7 - Victorian Philosophies in the Connecticut River Valley: The Connection between Mind, Body, and Spirit

Nurturing Physical and Spiritual Health at the Turn of the 20th century

Lesson 8 - Putting It All Together: Creating an Artifact

Details of Change

Tea: A Brief History


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