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Worksheet: African-Americans in Deerfield, Massachusetts (1680-1720)


Use the list of 18th Century Slaves in Deerfield, Massachusetts Listed by Owner to complete this worksheet.


1. Make a list of slave owners who were adults between 1680-1720.





2. Were they all men?

3. What did John Williams do for a living? What assumption can you make from that information?



4. List slaves under their owners.







5. Who owned the most slaves? Who owned the fewest?






6. About how many slaves could have lived in Deerfield, Massachusetts between 1680-1720?




7. Why do you think so many birth and death dates are unknown for these slaves?





8. How many baptism dates do you see? Why might these be so numerous?







9. Make a list of any mention of what these slaves did.













10. Does anything on this list (for question 9) surprise you? Why?