Lot 36 North

Lot 36.

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Zur Hawks (1760-1844)
Lot 36

The first and only house on this lot was probably built by Joseph Severance (1682-1766) in the year of his marriage, 1712. The house came into the Hawks family in 1762, when it was purchased by Zur's father, Zadock. When Zadock Hawks died in 1821, his sons inherited the property. By 1824, Zur, the second son of four, had bought out his brothers and was sole owner. He made renovations to the house: he rebuilt the center chimney and created fireplaces with 19th century details: he updated the front door and other architectural trim to fit the 1820s time period. Zur was a tanner and a shoemaker, like his father, and there was a tannery pond behind the house.