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front "The King's Palace"
Cross-stitch embroideries recall school girl's samplers of generations past.
front Enchanted Forest
Simple stitches found in cross-stitched embroideries made these pieces less expensive to purchase.
front Avery Oxen Show Admission Ticket

James Avery of Buckland, Massachusetts, made a business from showing his record-breaking oxen at county fairs and shows.
Page 1 Letter to Samuel Wells from Colonel Elihu Hoyt
Feb 22, 1805
The letter of February 22, 1805, speaks of the business of the [General] Court in Boston, and of agricultural matters that would be of interest to a farmer in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Inside cover Excerpts from Edwin Nims' Agricultural Diary
These five pages from Edwin Nims (1791-1852) agricultural diary, written in 1830-1831 when he was about forty years old, reveal the dailyness and the seasonality of farm chores.
document Bill from Deerfield Selectmen for Military Supplies used in Shays' Rebellion
This invoice, dated 1787, was for supplies debted to various Deerfield residents in the period of Daniel Shays' Rebellion, which had begun in 1786.
front Horse Clog

The clog, fitted over the foot of a horse, distributed the animal's weight and allowed for easier walking on soft surfaces like snow and mud.
document "N. Vickary, Taxidermist"
c. 1870
Taxidermy, the art of preserving animals' bodies, was first practiced in England in the 17th century.
front Avery Oxen Postcard
The Avery Oxen, raised by James Avery of Buckland, Massachusetts, broke the world record in the weight haul twice, as pictured in this postcard.
front "Giant Oxen" Poster

This poster promoted the Avery Oxen of Buckland, Massachusetts, in the 1890s.


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