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Page 242a Account Book of Elijah Williams, Ledger C, Vol. 4
Storekeeper (Elijah Williams) accounts with Abijah Prince. This is a page from the account book of Elijah Williams (1712-1771) describing the purchases and payments of Abijah Prince (b.c.1715), a free black in Deerfield, Massachusetts, in the years 1756 and 1757.
Cover "America's Triumph at Panama"
The path between the seas - the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans - was ultimately completed by American workers in 1914.
front Wagon Jack
A wagon jack was used to raise the wagon in order to repair or change a wheel.
front View Along the Cold River, Eastern Slope of Mohawk Trail
c. 1915
This section of the Mohawk Trail in western Massachusetts runs beside the Cold River.
front Hoosac Tunnel
The Hoosac Tunnel, east end, is an engineering marvel of the 1800s in northwest Massachusetts.
Page 1 WWI letter to Emily Gladys Bartlett
Jul 5, 1918
Edward Wirt's unit has at last been shipped out, and he wrote this letter aboard the transport taking them to England and then to France. He writes that his ship is safe from German submarines.
document Bill from Deerfield Selectmen for Military Supplies used in Shays' Rebellion
This invoice, dated 1787, was for supplies debted to various Deerfield residents in the period of Daniel Shays' Rebellion, which had begun in 1786.
document "Plan of Sunderland Bridge over the Connecticut River"
c. 1877
Iron bridges did not become common in western Massachusetts until the late 19th century.
Volume 2 - Title page "The Census of Massachusetts: 1875, Vol. II"
Nearly fifty percent of the children of Massachusetts aged 10-15 worked full-time in 1875.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elsie M. Putnam
Elsie Putnam's diary describes the life of a single Deerfield, Massachusetts, woman in 1888, including a brief mention of the great Blizzard of that year. The diary gives a glimpse into the active life of a young woman of the Victorian era.


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