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Title page "An oration delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society of Massachusetts, on the thirtieth day of April, 1813"
The Washington Benevolent Society of Boston, Massachusetts, was formed in 1812 by a group of ardent Federalists.
Page 592 "History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts"
Louis Everts (b.1836) published, in 1879 in Philadelphia, a two-volume book about the towns, the geography, the geology, and the people who lived in the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts.
Page 10 Excerpt of Dr. Joseph Goodhue's Diary
Jan 12, 1812
Dr. Joseph Goodhue (1764-1849) recorded John Pettis' alcohol-related death at Fort Constitution, New Hampshire, in 1812.
front War of 1812 Commemorative Pitcher
c. 1815
Trade embargoes and then war in 1812 halted commerce between the United States and Great Britain but by 1814, English merchants and manufacturers like the British pottery that produced this pitcher were eager to reopen American markets.
document Resignation of William Stoddard Williams as surgeon
Feb 12, 1812
This official document, dated February 12, 1812, is signed by the Adjutant General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
front Flintlock Musket
Developed in the 17th century, flintlock muskets remained the most common firearms throughout the 18th century.


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