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Page 1 WWI Message to Edward Roswell Wirt
In April 1918, King George V of Great Britain issued a welcome and a thanks to the soldiers of the United States who were fighting for human freedom.
front Warning Alarm

Swinging this alarm by the handle made a very loud noise.
document Sketch of Wilson Printing Office
c. 1815
Mary Hoyt Wilson (1809-1841) was a young girl when she sketched the printing office run by her father, John, in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Page 1 Communication with the Spirit of his dead daughter Jane Elizabeth Pierce
Feb 12, 1851
Dexter Pierce's daughter Jane died in May, 1855. Ten months later, he went to a spiritualist to communicate with her. The spiritualist, Mrs. W.R. Hayden (Maria Trenholm Hayden), wrote out in a letter the exchange she claimed to have had with his daughter.
document Act by House of Representatives issued to Bernardston selectmen to hold town meeting to vote on the Constitution
Feb 19, 1779
Act of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts regarding a state Constitution, February 19, 1779.
Page 1 Hatfield Convention of 1782
This is an account of the Hatfield Convention of 1782.
document "From the Worcester Magazine" article in Hampshire Gazette on Shays' Rebellion insurgents
Jan 10, 1787
This article from the Worcester Magazine reports that the problems in Massachusetts were much discussed in Great Britain and Europe.
document "To the Public" statement from the publisher of the Hampshire Gazette newspaper
Sep 13, 1786
Printed in the first edition, this article is his letter to the public about his reasons for founding the paper, "with the advice and encouragement of a number of Gentlemen in this County".
Title page "A Full and Graphic Account of the Terrible Mill River Disaster, caused by the Breaking of a Reservoir in Hampshire County"
This booklet about the Mill River flood was published within three weeks of the disaster and drew heavily from the Springfield Republican's articles.
document "True Heroes" article from scrapbook kept by Celia M. Kimball
After the Mill River flood, the stories of Cheney and Graves racing downstream ahead of the floodwave to warn the valley captured the nation's attention.


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