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front "Negro Funeral"
George Fuller drew this sketch after witnessing an African American funeral procession in March, 1858.
front Hoyt family register
This family register was embroidered with silk threads on a linen ground by Nancy Hoyt (1788-1870) about 1804 to record the vital statistics of her immediate family.
front Engraving "The Bloody Massacre perpetrated on King Street, Boston on March 5th, 1770"
This print by Paul Revere (1735-1818) of what became known as "the Boston Massacre" was a masterful piece of propaganda against the British government.
document Inventory of Charles Hart Ashley
Aug 11, 1925
When Charles Hart Ashley died in 1925, an inventory of his real and personal estate, totaling a little more than $21,000, was taken.
Cover "The Sabrinian"
Nov 13, 1918
"The Sabrinian" is a publication of Amherst College; this edition is published by the class of 1916 and contains a tribute to class member Thomas Ashley of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Page 1 Memorial Service text for Thomas Williams Ashley
Sep 1, 1918
On September 1, 1918, a memorial service was held in Deerfield to honor the life of Thomas Williams Ashley, marine lieutenant, killed in action at Chateau Thierry on June 7.
Page 1 Letter to Charles Hart Ashley
Nov 2, 1919
This letter, dated November 2, 1919, recounts for Charles H. Ashley, father of Tom Ashley, the facts surrounding the death of his son in battle during World War I in France.
Cover "A Record of Sunderland in the Civil War of 1861 to 1865"
A town history commissioned in 1880 describes in some detail the Civil War stories of all the soldiers who served from Sunderland, Massachusetts.
Title page Excerpts from the Diary of Ruth Pease
Ruth Pease (1789-1858) set herself a series of resolutions in her diary, based on the writings of 18th-century Puritan leader, Jonathan Edwards, which she hoped would help her lead a more moral life.
document Memorial Print announcing the death of Hariet A. Cooley
c. 1870
This printed memorial was painted and personalized with a tribute to the four-year-old Hariet Cooley.


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