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Front matter 1 Nathan Loomis' Copy Book
Mar 5, 1815
Copy books were used in schoolroom exercises in the 19th century, this one, used by Nathan Loomis, to display skill with the pen. One Nathan Loomis' descendents was Amherst's Mabel Loomis Todd.
document "Aliens in New England" article in Greenfield's Gazette and Courier newspaper
Dec 7, 1912
A 1912 article sympathetically describes the newcomers to New England from Eastern Europe, particularly Poland. Although burdened with some stereotypes, the article praises immigrants as hard-working and industrious and subtly contrasts them to the native farmer.
document Letter to Commanding Officer in Gilford from Colrain's Colonel Hugh McClellan regarding land disputes in New York
Jan 22, 1784
New York claimed Vermont as part of its territory until 1790, but Vermonters were determined to maintain there independence.
document "The Boston Mob" article to the Mayor in Gazette and Courier newspaper
Mar 31, 1851
Daniel Webster wrote a letter to the mayor of Boston, on behalf of President Fillmore, after the arrest and subsequent rescue by a mob of fugitive slave Shadrach Minkins.
document Eliezer Hawks land contract
This handwritten document of August 30, 1699 legalizes the transfer of seven acres, thirty rods of land in the Stebbins Meadows from John and Dorothy Stebbins to Eliezer Hawks, all of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Page 1 Land transfer, John Williams to John Sheldon
Mar 24, 1712
The transfer of land "for valuable considerations" was from the Rev. John and Abigail Williams to the hands of John Sheldon, all of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
document Fence Agreement between Seth Sheldon & John Williams
Apr 13, 1811
In 1811, Elihu Hoyt and Solomon Williams of Deerfield, Massachusetts, are the town fence viewers and, as a part of their responsibilities, are resolving the costs of fencing that divides the property of two Deerfield residents.
document Land sale between Seth Sheldon & Alvah and Zur Hawks
Jan 12, 1838
Seth Sheldon promised in this bond to purchase certain lands and buildings from fellow Deerfield, Massachusetts, residents Zur and Alvah Hawks.
Title page "The Reformed Pastor"
This account of the life and conversion of the Puritan minister Richard Baxter belonged to Hannah Westcarr Beaman (1646-1739) of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Page 1 Letter to Stephen Higginson III from his mother Agnes Gordon Cochran Higginson
Apr 24, 1854
Agnes Higginson (1810-1888) was settling her family into their new home in Deerfield, Massachusetts, when she wrote this letter to her son, Stephen Higginson while he was living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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