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front Old House in Essex, MA
c. 1884
Agnes Higginson (1810-1888) painted for all her life, but in her later years she depicted New England-style "salt box" houses scores of times in paintings like this.
front Elizabeth Brooks Fuller (1896-1979) painting
Elizabeth Fuller, herself a painter, is shown here, at age twenty-four, in a painting by Irwin D. Hoffman.
front William Montague (1760-1839)
c. 1836
This portrait of William Montague (1760-1839) was painted by itinerant artist Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900).
front Persis Russell Montague (1765-1851)
c. 1836
This portrait of Persis Russell Montague (1765-1851) was painted by itinerant artist Erastus Salisbury Field (1805-1900).
front Framed Hair Wreath and Photograph
c. 1860
With a photograph of the maker in the center, this framed memento is in the form of a wreath made of her hair.
front Hair Wreath
c. 1860
This hair wreath, made c.1860, was fashioned from the hair of 75 persons from two families!
front "Negroes waiting at the depot"
George Fuller of Deerfield, Massachusetts, made this sketch, "Negroes Waiting at the depot," in Mobile, Alabama in 1857.
front "Ellis, Field hand"
George Fuller drew "Ellis, Field Hand" on his travels through the slave states in the 1850s.
front Woman washing
George Fuller (1822-1884) sought to highlight in his sketches of southern slaves what he called "the expressions of what we call lowly or everyday life."
front "Our page, Harry"
George Fuller (1822-1884) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, sketched "Our Page Harry" while working in the Deep South as an itinerant portrait painter in the 1850s.


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