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Title page Graham Bread Recipe from "The New Hydropathic Cook-Book"
Sylvester Graham believed that a vegetable diet and eating bread made from coarsely ground "graham flour" would prevent or cure alcoholism.
front Woman washing
George Fuller (1822-1884) sought to highlight in his sketches of southern slaves what he called "the expressions of what we call lowly or everyday life."
front Twin Potty Chair
This potty chair, built by a relative for twins, was made in 1854, the year the children were born in Leverett, Massachusetts.
front Clothes Wringer
c. 1872
The wooden wringer, to squeeze the water from newly washed laundry, was patented May 28, 1872.
front Bedpan

This turn-of-the-20th-century bedpan has an elegant shape for an inelegant function.
Page 1 Letter to Gertrude Porter Ashley
May 6, 1918
This letter, dated May 6, 1918, from Tom Ashley (1894-1918) to his mother in Deerfield, Massachusetts, tells her about his life in France as a Marine in World War I.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elizabeth Babcock Leonard
When Elizabeth Babcock Leonard (1810-1892) wrote her diary, she centered it on the activities of her daughter.
Title page "Ten Years of Massachusetts"
Massachusetts led the country in reforming conditions for working women and children by passing a large number of labor laws in the 1870s.
Cover "Annual Report of the Town Officers of Deerfield For the Year Ending Feb. 1st, 1914- Annual Report of the School Committee"
This 1914 report from the town's supervisor of education notes the schools of Deerfield were expanding, with a new grammar school in South Deerfield built to the most modern standards.
document "South Deerfield- To Build New School-House"
May 14, 1912
In 1913, a new school was planned to replace an 1880s school that the town had outgrown. The new school was to be built to the most modern standards.


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