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front "Study by Candlelight"
Parlor music, and piano playing in particular, symbolized good taste and moral respectability throughout the Victorian period.
front Piccolo

Stamped "Clementi London," this wooden piccolo is less than 12 inches in length.
front Flute
c. 1825
This wooden flute, made by Muzio Clemente (1752-1832) in London c. 1825, was owned in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Title page "Soldiers in King Philip's War..."
A 1906 account of the "Falls Fight," a massacre in 1676 by English settlers of Indians at the village of Peskeompscut, presents it as a heroic and necessary act and a suitable end to King Philip's War.
front World War I Encampment
Their first days in the army: soldiers of Greenfield, Massachusetts, in a temporary Army camp during World War I, August, 1917.
Volume 5 - Title page "Census of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1895" Volume V
These 1895 statistics offer an important historical overview of the creation of industry in the Connecticut River valley by date and town.
document "Italian Vagrants" article from the Greenfield Gazette and Franklin Herald newspaper
Sep 6, 1836
Most ethnic groups were not welcomed when they first migrated to America.
front Trombone
Trombone manufactured by Charles W. Hutchins' company of Springfield, Massachusetts.
front Lillian Saxton Hutchins (Mrs. Frank Hutchins)
Lillian Saxton of Deerfield, Massachusetts, stands with her cornet around 1900.
front "Girl with Dulcimer"

This photograph was created by Frances and Mary Allen who were celebrated as among the foremost women photographers in America in the early 20th century.


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