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Volume 5 - Title page "Census of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1895" Volume V
These 1895 statistics offer an important historical overview of the creation of industry in the Connecticut River valley by date and town.
Cover "The Deerfield Renaissance" from New England Magazine
The author of this 1905 account credited the Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield, Massachusetts, with changing the town's "chief claim to interest" from its associations with Colonial hardships and wars to its "influence as an Arts and Crafts centre."
front Hunting and Skinning Knives manufactured by J. Russell & Company Green River Works
c. 1860
In 1840, with the advent of the pioneer migration westward, John Russell began the manufacture of hunting and skinning knives along the banks of the Green River in Deerfield, (later annexed to Greenfield), Massachusetts.
front Barlow Knives manufactured by the John Russell Cutlery Company
c. 1870
In the 1870's, these pocket knives were manufactured in various sizes by the John Russell Cutlery in Turners Falls, Massachusetts
front Civil War musket with bayonet made by Lamson, Goodnow and Yale
In 1855 the Lamson & Goodnow Company joined with the Yale [Lock] Company to purchase the bankrupt Robbins and Lawrence Armory in Windsor, Vermont, to make guns
front Madeline Yale Wynne Metalwork
Nov 30, 1898
Frances and Mary Allen documented many pieces of art created by Deerfield, Massachusetts' artisans in the early 20th century.
front "Blacksmith's Shop"
c. 1900
The photograph of the interior of a local blacksmith shop was taken about 1900 by Mary Electa Allen (1858-1941) of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front Chrysanthemum bowl
Nov 30, 1879
Summer Deerfield, Massachusetts, resident Madeline Wynne exhibited this brass bowl in 1899.
front Daffodil bowl
Madeline Yale Wynne, a nationally recognized artist at the turn of the 20th century, designed and made this copper bowl.
front Wrought iron candleholders
c. 1925
As the technological advances of the 20th century lessened the demand for traditional blacksmithing, Cornelius Kelley of Deerfield, Massachusetts, shifted his attention away from utilitarian work to creating decorative ironwork such as these wrought-iron candle sticks.


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