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Volume 2 - Title page "The Census of Massachusetts: 1875, Vol. II"
Nearly fifty percent of the children of Massachusetts aged 10-15 worked full-time in 1875.
Volume 2 - Title page "The Census of Massachusetts: 1885, Volume II"
Three excerpts from the 1885 Massachusetts Census describe the extent of rural manufactures, the volume of women's home work, and the scope of child labor.
Title page "Massachusetts A Guide To Its Places and People"
This guide from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was a part of a huge effort to create employment for the millions thrown out of work by the Great Depression (1929-1940).
document Schedule of the whole number of Persons within the Division alloted to William Shepard and David Sexton to enumerate, 1790
This is the Hampshire County, Massachusetts, census of 1790
document "Anti-Slavery Convention in Franklin County" article from Greenfield Gazette & Franklin Herald newspaper
Dec 27, 1836
The 1830s were the heyday of the formation of anti-slavery societies. Associations were established at the town, county and state levels.
document "Roman Catholics" article from the Greenfield Gazette and Franklin Herald newspaper
Oct 13, 1835
The people in New England were strongly opposed to the Catholic Church and its teachings.
document "Irish Immigration" article from the Greenfield Gazette and Franklin Herald newspaper
Jul 28, 1835
Immigrants were often viewed as undesirable additions to the community in the 19th century.
document "Growth and Future of the Nation" article from the Gazette and Courier newspaper
Jun 14, 1869
The United States population was increasing very quickly having grown from more than five million in 1800 to more than 23 million by mid-century.
document "Emigration from Britain to America" article from the Hampshire Gazette newspaper
Nov 22, 1837
This report concerns the numbers of immigrants from Great Britain to the United States in the early years of the 1830s.
document "Paupers in Massachusetts" article from the Gazette and Courier newspaper
Jan 28, 1850
Paupers were a drain on town and state budgets, and were enumerated every year.


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