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Cover "Learning By Doing At Hampton"
Boarding schools like the Hampton Institute sought not merely to educate but also to indoctrinate young Native and African American students in the values and customs of white society.
front Football players
In this photograph, taken between 1900 and 1915 in Deerfield, Massachusetts, eleven young men, composing one football team, line up in T-formation to hike the ball.
Cover "The Sabrinian"
Nov 13, 1918
"The Sabrinian" is a publication of Amherst College; this edition is published by the class of 1916 and contains a tribute to class member Thomas Ashley of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Page 1 Memorial Service text for Thomas Williams Ashley
Sep 1, 1918
On September 1, 1918, a memorial service was held in Deerfield to honor the life of Thomas Williams Ashley, marine lieutenant, killed in action at Chateau Thierry on June 7.
Page 1 Letter to Charles Hart Ashley
May 14, 1917
This letter from Thomas Williams Ashley (1894-1918) to his father in Deerfield, Massachusetts, was written soon after his arrival at the Marine Barracks in Norfolk, Virginia.
Title page "Ten Years of Massachusetts"
Massachusetts led the country in reforming conditions for working women and children by passing a large number of labor laws in the 1870s.
Cover "The New McGuffey Second Reader"
c. 1901
William Holmes McGuffey authored what would become one of the 19th century's biggest sellers, McGuffey's Readers. His readers taught science, history, and morality, among other subjects.
Cover "Annual Report of the Town Officers of Deerfield For the Year Ending Dec. 31, 1926- Annual Report of the School Committee"
The 1926 report from Deerfield, Massachusetts' supervisor of schools notes with satisfaction the separation of the Deerfield Academy and the town's public high school, along with an expanding set of social services such as medical care and physical education.
Page 1 "South Deerfield- The Mount Sugar Loaf School"
Feb 3, 1913
The completion of the new grammar school in South Deerfield in 1913 reflected the community's growth after a long period of stagnation. The school itself consolidated several one-room schools into a new model, which separated the children by class.
Title page "Saranac Lake in Winter"
This brochure illustrates some of the tuberculosis treatment facilities at Saranac Lake, New York, in the Adirondacks.


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