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front "Old Indian House"
post 1847
This daguerreotype of the Ensign John Sheldon House (1699), familiarly known as the Old Indian House in Deerfield, Massachusetts, was taken in 1848, shortly before it was torn down.
Cover "The Deerfield Renaissance" from New England Magazine
The author of this 1905 account credited the Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield, Massachusetts, with changing the town's "chief claim to interest" from its associations with Colonial hardships and wars to its "influence as an Arts and Crafts centre."
front "Old Indian House"
c. 1845
Believed to have been taken by B.F. Popkins of Greenfield, Massachusetts, about 1845, this view of the 1699 Sheldon home ("Old Indian House") includes a large elm tree in front and a well sweep to the north.
front Old Indian House Door on Exhibit
The "Indian House Door" from the Ensign John Sheldon House in Deerfield, Massachusetts, (built 1699) has been on public display since 1868.
front Colonel Elihu Hoyt (1771-1833)
c. 1830
The bust-length portrait of Col. Elihu Hoyt (1771-1833) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, was painted c.1820.
front John Sheldon (1658-1733) House
George Washington Mark (1795-1879) painted the old Sheldon "Indian House," a famous Deerfield, Massachusetts, landmark just before it was demolished in 1848.
front "Old Indian House" Door
This fortified door is not only a rare surviving example of a 17th century door but also has come to symbolize the conflict between Deerfield, Massachusetts' early settlers and the French and Native Americans.
document "To All Who Feel An Interest In The Antiquities Of New-England"
Dec 15, 1847
This broadside appeals for donations to purchase and preserve the "Old Indian House," which was by 1847 the last surviving building of the French and Indian raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1704.
Page 1 "Deerfield Massacre And Burning of 200 Years Ago Early In Queen Anne's War"
200 years after the 1704 raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, during Queen Anne's War, the "Sunday Republican" of nearby Springfield, Massachusetts, published an account from an exclusively English perspective, a common interpretation at that time.
Cover "The Society of Deerfield Industries"
The success of the Deerfield Society of Blue and White Needlework, formed in 1896, inspired others in Deerfield to revive a variety of crafts and to form an association of "Deerfield Industries."


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