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front Auger Bit
c. 1850
The auger bit is used to bore holes in wood.
front Hand Hewn Pulley
c. 1850
A pulley and a rope create a simple machine to lift or pull heavy materials.
front Patent Model of Plow
c. 1840
This model of a plow was made by Dexter Pierce of Montague, Massachusetts. The Patent Law of 1836 required that any request for a patent had to be accompanied with a model.
front Broad Ax

A broad ax is used to shape a round tree trunk into a square or rectangular timber.
front Horse Clog

The clog, fitted over the foot of a horse, distributed the animal's weight and allowed for easier walking on soft surfaces like snow and mud.
front Ditch Plow
Farmers who specialized in growing root crops like potatoes used plows like this.
Volume 5 - Title page "Census of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: 1895" Volume V
These 1895 statistics offer an important historical overview of the creation of industry in the Connecticut River valley by date and town.
Title page "Statistical Information Relating to Certain Branches of Industry in Massachusetts, For the Year Ending May 1, 1865"
In the ten years since the census of 1855, the counties along the Connecticut River in Massachusetts showed dramatic increases in industrial and manufacturing employment, a trend driven largely by the effects of the Civil War.
Page 1 "Supplement to the New England Farmer, and Gardener's Journal"
Jan 9, 1839
These pages from the 1839 New England Farmer demonstrate how vibrant the market was for agricultural inventions even in this early period. Nearly every item has been patented or "improved."
Cover "Picturesque Hampshire"
This excerpt is from "Picturesque Hampshire," a locally written and published description of the county that was part of a series of similar county guides. Its photographs were by Clifton Johnson (1865-1940). He later had a rich career as an author, photographer, and illustrator.


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