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Page 1 WWI letter to Emily Gladys Bartlett
Mar 1, 1919
Wirt reacts to the details leaking out of the Versailles Conference. His reaction to the League of Nations is not very positive. He also refers to the huge surge of labor strikes in the U.S.
Page 1 License for Bee Hives
Sep 11, 1862
Ruggles Torrey of Maine created a new beehive, the "Maine State Bee Hive," in 1859, and a farmer, Josiah Gale, bought a license to use it on his farm in 1862.
front No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak Camera
This folding pocket Kodak was one of the most popular cameras ever made by George Eastman's Rochester, New York, company.
Cover "The Youth's Companion World Fair"
May 4, 1893
The Youth's Companion periodical was first published in 1827 and was geared to the education of youth; this edition of May 4,1893, is devoted to the Chicago World's Fair of 1893.
document Advertisement from L.R. Paige for Electric signs
Feb 19, 1910
Greenfield got electric power in 1886, only four years after Edison began mass producing light bulbs and displayed his first electric advertising sign.
document "Hill Machine Works" Advertisement
May 31, 1890
The Hill Machine Works were founded by Samuel L. Hill, a philanthropist and visionary who created a number of factories in and around Florence, Massachusetts.
front Elmer's Double-Acting Butter Churn
Jun 29, 1880
Edwin Elmer, a native of Ashfield, Massachusetts, was the inventor of this double-acting butter churn.
front American Photographic Appliance Corporation's Presto Printer (Photo-Enlarger)
c. 1930
This instrument with case is an early photo processing machine, circa 1930, that was typically found in a lab.
front New Home Sewing Machine with attachments distributed by Priscilla Needlework Company
c. 1920
"Priscilla" was a private brand manufactured by the New Home Sewing Machine Company of Orange, Massachusetts.
document "GTD Makes John Grant's Invention Known Around World" article from Greenfield Recorder-Gazette newspaper
Jun 9, 1953
This 1953 newspaper article from the Greenfield Recorder-Gazette in Greenfield, Massachusetts, underscores the role John Grant and the Greenfield Tap & Die Corporation played in helping to make Greenfield a vital part of the machine age.


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