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Page 1 Letter to Gertrude Porter Ashley
May 6, 1918
This letter, dated May 6, 1918, from Tom Ashley (1894-1918) to his mother in Deerfield, Massachusetts, tells her about his life in France as a Marine in World War I.
Cover "What befell Stephen Williams in his captivity"
c. 1706
Stephen Williams wrote this account of his eighteen month captivity among the Abenaki and the French shortly after returning to New England in the spring of 1706.
front Hunting and Skinning Knives manufactured by J. Russell & Company Green River Works
c. 1860
In 1840, with the advent of the pioneer migration westward, John Russell began the manufacture of hunting and skinning knives along the banks of the Green River in Deerfield, (later annexed to Greenfield), Massachusetts.
Page 1 Pages from "Those Green River Knives"
c. 1975
A history of the Russell Cutlery, its owners, its growth and its products is described fully in this booklet called "Those Green River Knives".
front Flintlock long fowler
Many militia during the American Revolution (1775-1783) carried a fowler, a light sporting gun used for hunting small game such as birds and rabbits.
front Atlatl or spear throwing weight

Stone weights were attached at a midway point to atlatls to increase the velocity of spears.
front Projectile point

Native Americans fashioned chert and flint into a variety of tools and points.
front Bullet pouch
Often pouches like this one were taken to war by militia and by riflemen rather than the cartridge boxes that were more familiar by the time of the American Revolution.
front Brown Bess flintlock musket
The Brown Bess musket was the standard issue weapon for English troops during the American Revolution.
front Bifacial blade with modern haft

A bifacial blade is a stone tool used to butcher and skin animals.


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