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Russell Cutlery Factory
c. 1880
The John Russell Cutlery Company was located in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, in the late 19th century and was world-famous for its pocketknives, painters' spatulas, and druggists' knives.
front Turners Falls Dam and Canal

A stereoscope picture of the Turners Fall Dam and Canal made just before its complete reconstruction in 1869. The first canal, built 1798, is visible just to the right.
front Lower Suspension Bridge, Turners Falls, Mass.

The Lower Suspension Bridge of Turners Falls, Massachusetts, connected that town with Greenfield. It was built in 1872 and fatally damaged in the great flood of 1936.
document "Serious Riot" article regarding Irish Laborers reprinted in Franklin Democrat newspaper from the Hampshire Gazette newspaper
Jan 18, 1848
In 1848, large numbers of Irish immigrants were employed working on the dam and canals in Holyoke, Massachusetts.
Title page Pages from "A New Pictorial History of Greenfield" on railroads
These advertisements from Greenfield, Massachusetts, in the 1840s show the transition from the canal/stagecoach era in the early 19th century to the era of the railroads.
document "Immigrant Sweat built Paper City" article from Sunday Republican newspaper
Sep 29, 2002
This article reports on immigration of various ethnic groups to the town of Holyoke, Massachusetts.
Page 1 "At Work" photo & "History Finds Irish in Holyoke in 1663" from "Irish Heritage Important to Wmass.. in The Republican newspaper
Mar 12, 1989
Irish immigrants were in the American colonies almost from the beginning.
Title page Excerpts from"Profiles of the Past An illustrated history of Ashburnham, Gardner Hubbardston,Templeton, Westminster, Winchendon"
These excerpts from author Tom Malloy's Profiles of the Past discuss Irish and Polish immigrants in towns in central Massachusetts.
front "Holyoke Dam, Holyoke, Mass."
c. 1915
The power dam on the Connecticut River at Hadley Falls was built in 1848.
front "Turners Falls, Mass. Industrial Plants, General View below Falls"
Feb 23, 1914
Turners Falls, Massachusetts was a planned industrial community from its founded in 1867 by Alvah Crocker.


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