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Front matter "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral"
The publication in 1773 of her "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral" marked the first published book by an African American.
Page 47 "Deerfield History"
c. 1840
This history of Deerfield, Massachusetts, was written c.1840 by Pliny Arms
document "Ingenious Epitaph" a poem from Greenfield Gazette newspaper
Sep 22, 1796
The slave John Jack died in Concord, Massachusetts, in 1773 but in 1796, more than 20 years after his death, his epitaph appeared in the a Greenfield, Massachusetts, newspaper.
document "Wants A Place" ad in the Greenfield Gazette newspaper
Jan 1, 1795
This ad from the Greenfield Gazette appeared at a time when slavery had not been officially abolished in Massachusetts.
document Article by Pompey on President Jefferson in the Greenfield Gazette reprinted from the Massachusetts Spy newspaper
May 4, 1801
Although this piece appears to have been written by an African American, it was much more likely anonymously composed by a white Federalist, complete with a stereotyped version of African American speech.
document Article published in letter form to Benjamin Banneker from Thomas Jefferson in the Greenfield Gazette newspaper
Nov 15, 1792
In this letter from Thomas Jefferson printed in the Greenfield Gazette in 1792, he thanks free African American Benjamin Banneker.
document Letter printed in article form to Thomas Jefferson from Benjamin Banneker in the Greenfield Gazette newspaper
Nov 15, 1792
Benjamin Banneker was a primarily self-taught scientist, mathematician, astronomer, surveyor, farmer and almanac author.
Page 7 "Census of Several States" taken from Thomas's Almanack for 1792 tallied by Office of the Secretary of State
This census from Isaiah Thomas's 1792 almanac reveals the number of slaves in the states and territories at that time.
Article on the Constitution and Slavery from The Hampshire Gazette Newspaper
Feb 6, 1788
In this anonymous 1788 letter to the Hampshire Gazette, the writer questions whether the new federal constitution should be adopted because he believes that it supports the institution of slavery, according to Article 1, Section 9.


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