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front Shelburne Falls

The falls of Shelburne Falls have been an important part of community life for centuries and its potholes continue to be a source of wonder.
document "Plan of Sunderland Bridge over the Connecticut River"
c. 1877
Iron bridges did not become common in western Massachusetts until the late 19th century.
front No. 4-Bridge Street Shelburne Falls, Mass.

The road to the bridge over the Deerfield River, Bridge Street, is the main business district of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.
front Bridge over Deerfield River, Shelburne Falls, Mass.
The three sections of this iron riveted lattice bridge meet to span the 320 feet of the Deerfield River.
front Upper Suspension Bridge and View of Riverside, From Prospect Street, Turners Falls, Mass.
The Upper Suspension Bridge (or "Red Suspension Bridge") of Turners Falls, Massachusetts, connected that town with Gill, Massachusetts. It was built in 1878 and closed in 1938.
front Lower Suspension Bridge, Turners Falls, Mass.

The Lower Suspension Bridge of Turners Falls, Massachusetts, connected that town with Greenfield. It was built in 1872 and fatally damaged in the great flood of 1936.
front Old Stone Mill, Turner's Falls, Mass.

The Old Stone Mill of Gill, Massachusetts, in a postcard mis-identifying its location as Turners Falls.
front Electric Car Bridge over Deerfield River, Shelburne Falls, Mass.

Trolleys were responsible for giving residents, farmers and manufacturers a link to the railroad.
document "South Deerfield- To Build New School-House"
May 14, 1912
In 1913, a new school was planned to replace an 1880s school that the town had outgrown. The new school was to be built to the most modern standards.
Page 1 "Finance Report of the Town of Deerfield. 1860-61."
The town of Deerfield, Massachusetts, itemized its expenses in the fiscal year from 1860 to 1861.


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