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front Sign-"Olde Deerfield Doll House"
The wooden sign advertised a tea and gift shop operated by Mrs. Frederick S. Hyde in Deerfield, Massachusetts in the first quarter of the 20th century.
front Willow Basket
c. 1920
Eastern European immigrants introduced willow basket making to Deerfield, Massachusetts, artisans.
front Wallet
c. 1930
This wallet was made in the South Deerfield, Massachusetts, plant of the Arms Manufacturing Company in 1930. The plant operated in South Deerfield until soon after 1948.
Cover "It Will Do You Good"- E. E. Flagg's Japanese Pain Reliever
c. 1900
Patent medicines often claimed to cure many unrelated conditions.
document "Improvement In Champooing And Hair Dyeing"
c. 1860
Exotic imagery was employed to sell this hair restorative product.
Cover "Annual Report of the Town Officers of Deerfield For the Year Ending Feb. 1st, 1914- Annual Report of the School Committee"
This 1914 report from the town's supervisor of education notes the schools of Deerfield were expanding, with a new grammar school in South Deerfield built to the most modern standards.
document "Growth and Future of the Nation" article from the Gazette and Courier newspaper
Jun 14, 1869
The United States population was increasing very quickly having grown from more than five million in 1800 to more than 23 million by mid-century.
Page 1 WWII War Ration Book 2
Rationing insured that each person could get his fair share of the products and food goods that were in short supply due to the war effort and import reductions.
Page 1 WWII War Ration Book 4
Ration book four was printed in red, blue and green.
Page 1 WWII Ration Mailing form
This is a name and address form filled out by Mrs. Caryll M. Crafts of South Deerfield, Massachusetts.


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