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front Sign-"A. Boyden's Hotel"
c. 1850
This classic wooden hotel sign came from a hotel that was run in Deerfield, Massachusetts, in the 1850s.
front Glass Bottle
This large bottle, a "demijohn," was typical of the kind of bottles used for international trade and is of a type first used in France in the 17th century.
front Mansion House, Greenfield, Mass.
Since the 18th century, hotels were located on this site but none so large or prestigious as the Mansion House.
front Old Caleb Hubbard Tavern, at Plumtrees. Sunderland-First Home of Pacific Lodge, 1801
Built in 1763 by Israel Hubbard, this building was used as a tavern for over 100 years.
front Conway House, Conway, Mass.
Built before 1850, Conway House was a large inn and tavern on Main Street in Conway.
front Hotel, Montague, Mass.

The hotel in the center of Montague, Massachusetts, built in 1830, stood for more than 130 years before it burned in 1953.
front "The Old Porch" Ashfield House, Ashfield, Mass.

Ashfield House is one of the few small town tavern buildings that survived from the 18th to the 20th centuries intact.
Title page "Massachusetts A Guide To Its Places and People"
This guide from the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was a part of a huge effort to create employment for the millions thrown out of work by the Great Depression (1929-1940).
document "Amherst House."
Albin P. Howe purchased the Amherst House in the center of Amherst, Massachusetts, in 1843 and announced his new management with this flyer.
front Sconce-Candle Reflector
c. 1835
This tin candleholder came from Hall Tavern in Charlemont, Massachusetts.


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