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front St. Ann's Church
St. Ann's Church, dedicated in 1885, was intended to serve the French Canadian Catholic population of the industrial community of Turners Falls, Massachusetts.
front St. Stanislaus
By 1900 one in every ten Catholics in America was of Polish origin.
Cover Excerpts from the diary of Elizabeth Babcock Leonard
When Elizabeth Babcock Leonard (1810-1892) wrote her diary, she centered it on the activities of her daughter.
document "Uroscopia."
Dec 3, 1846
Drs. Burt and Breck announced to the city of Greenfield in 1846 that they had begun a practice there in Uroscopy, which diagnosed diseases by examining the urine. This practiced was valued at a time when people were uncomfortable being physically examined.
front Dress
This garment was made by two sisters as the going-away outfit for a third sister's wedding.
Cover "Americans With The Wrong Ancestors"
Clara Breed, a San Diego librarian writing in 1943, describes how Japanese-American schoolchildren were affected by their relocation during World War II, particularly their lack of books and reading materials. Her courageous opposition to the relocation earned her the eternal respect of many relocated Americans.
Title page "Immigrants in Industries, Part 24: Recent Immigrants in Agriculture" from Reports of the Immigration Commission
These Connecticut Valley excerpts from the Dillingham Commission represent the government's first efforts to understand immigration. Dillingham, however, was a strong opponent of immigration and he used these figures to justify the nation's first immigration quotas.
document "Harrow Plays Next Summer at Deerfield"
Apr 16, 1910
The Harrow Theater began in 1906 in Deerfield, MA, as an extension of an Arts and Crafts revival movement.
document "The Incoming of the Poles"
May 26, 1900
This May 29, 1900 article from a Greenfield, Massachusetts, newspaper, makes observations on the recent influx of immigrants from Poland to the Connecticut River Valley.
Title page "The Hermit of Erving Castle"
The booklet excerpted here was one of two printed to benefit the man who called himself John Smith, the "Hermit" of Erving, Massachusetts, in the last half of the 19th century.


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