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Page 67a Account Book of Elijah Williams, Ledger B, Vol. 3
Storekeeper (Elijah Williams) accounts with Abijah Prince. This is a page from the account book of Deerfield, Massachusetts, storekeeper Elijah Williams (1712-1771) that includes purchases and payments from the free black man, Abijah Prince.
Page 242a Account Book of Elijah Williams, Ledger C, Vol. 4
Storekeeper (Elijah Williams) accounts with Abijah Prince. This is a page from the account book of Elijah Williams (1712-1771) describing the purchases and payments of Abijah Prince (b.c.1715), a free black in Deerfield, Massachusetts, in the years 1756 and 1757.
Title page Graham Bread Recipe from "The New Hydropathic Cook-Book"
Sylvester Graham believed that a vegetable diet and eating bread made from coarsely ground "graham flour" would prevent or cure alcoholism.
Cover "Learning By Doing At Hampton"
Boarding schools like the Hampton Institute sought not merely to educate but also to indoctrinate young Native and African American students in the values and customs of white society.
front Knife Sharpener
c. 1905
This knife sharpener was made by Lamson & Goodnow Company of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, the largest cutlery producer in the U.S. in 1860.
front Cake Knife

The cake knife was one of the many specialized pieces of cutlery produced by Lamson & Goodnow Manufacturing of Shelburne Falls.
front Knife

This fish knife was produced by the prosperous Lamson & Goodnow Company of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.
front Cutlery Box
c. 1905
This set of cutlery was a wedding present to Charlotte Wardner Lamson when she married Charles Hyse Warren in 1905.
front Patent Model of Plow
c. 1840
This model of a plow was made by Dexter Pierce of Montague, Massachusetts. The Patent Law of 1836 required that any request for a patent had to be accompanied with a model.
front Fruit Knife

By the late 19th century, as many as thirteen different pieces of cutlery, including a fruit knife like this, could be found at a table setting.


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