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front "Old Indian House"
post 1847
This daguerreotype of the Ensign John Sheldon House (1699), familiarly known as the Old Indian House in Deerfield, Massachusetts, was taken in 1848, shortly before it was torn down.
front "Indian Village, Caughnawaga"
c. 1899
This photograph is of the village at Kahnawake (Caughnawaga), Quebec, Canada.
Page 3 "A Visit "in the Gazette and Mercury Newspaper
Aug 29, 1837
An item in the Greenfield newspaper of August 29, 1837, describes a visit of a group of St. Francis Indians, descendants of Eunice Williams, to a site three miles from Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Cover "The Boy Captive of Old Deerfield" excerpts
Originally published in 1904, this is the 1939 edition of the popular children's story of Stephen Williams and his capture in the February 1704 raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Page 1 Timothy Edwards' Sermon Notes
Mar 5, 1704
The Puritan minister Timothy Edwards (1669-1758) used these notes to deliver a sermon on the Sunday after the 1704 Deerfield Raid.
document Letter to John Sheldon
c. 1705
During a tense moment as John Sheldon attempted to return his family from Canada after the Deerfield Raid, he received a note from a fellow captive that gave him hope: his two daughters were alive and well.
Cover "What befell Stephen Williams in his captivity"
c. 1706
Stephen Williams wrote this account of his eighteen month captivity among the Abenaki and the French shortly after returning to New England in the spring of 1706.
Volume 1 - Title page "A Half Century of Conflict"- Vol. I
This excerpt from Francis Parkman's (1826-1893) classic account of the 1704 raid on Deerfield shows not only Parkman's vivid writing style but reflects the prejudices of the day against the French and Indians.
Cover "The Deerfield Renaissance" from New England Magazine
The author of this 1905 account credited the Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield, Massachusetts, with changing the town's "chief claim to interest" from its associations with Colonial hardships and wars to its "influence as an Arts and Crafts centre."
front "Old Indian House"
c. 1845
Believed to have been taken by B.F. Popkins of Greenfield, Massachusetts, about 1845, this view of the 1699 Sheldon home ("Old Indian House") includes a large elm tree in front and a well sweep to the north.


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