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front Elizabeth Brooks Fuller (1896-1979) painting
Elizabeth Fuller, herself a painter, is shown here, at age twenty-four, in a painting by Irwin D. Hoffman.
front Mary: Lamson family servant
c. 1867
African American women like Mary experienced only limited economic opportunity after the Civil War.
Cover "Learning By Doing At Hampton"
Boarding schools like the Hampton Institute sought not merely to educate but also to indoctrinate young Native and African American students in the values and customs of white society.
front Tuscarora beadwork sellers
This is a stereopticon view of several Tuscarora (Iroquois) artisans selling their beadwork to tourists near Niagara Falls, New York, in 1889.
front Drug Jar
Drug jars like this one were usually oviform in shape and were owned most frequently by physicians.
front Cornelius Kelley (1873-1954)
c. 1918
Cornelius Kelley (1873-1954) was a farmer and blacksmith who turned his imagination and skill to the making of decorative iron goods that became an important element in Deerfield's Arts and Crafts movement.
front Charles B. Arms
Charles Arms was president of the Arms Manufacturing Company in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front Student Uniform

The uniform of a student nurse of the Franklin County Public Hospital in Greenfield, Massachusetts, indicated both her rank and her status as a student
front Feeding Vessel

This small vessel was used to feed patients at the Franklin County Public Hospital, Greenfield, Massachusetts.
front Syringes with Case

Two antique syringes from the late 1800s show evidence of the requirements for sterilization: they are entirely made of metal or glass.


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