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document "Jemima or The Witch of Bender"
Dec 3, 1902
Posters such as this both advertised a play and served as a playbill.
document "Exhibition. Westfield Academy. Order of Exercises."
Apr 6, 1813
The academy in Westfield, Massachusetts, was one of the first such schools to be established in Massachusetts. Its yearly exhibition gives a glimpse into what the popular culture of the day found interesting.
document "Order of Exercises at the Exhibition of the Deerfield High School"
Mar 27, 1860
The Deerfield High School was the town's first free school beyond the elementary level, and its yearly exhibition was a way for it to prove to the citizens that its students were learning important and useful knowledge.
document "If you Can't Laugh, Don't Come to See the Womanless Wedding"
Some travelling production companies staged plays using local actors.
front Massacre Interior of Old Indian House, during Sack of Deerfield, Feb. 29, 1704
A publicity picture from the Edison Film Company's movie, "Ononko's Vow," made in 1910 on location in Deerfield, Massachusetts, incorrectly depicts Indians rampaging through the village's "Old Indian House."
front Edge of Settlement
A promotional picture for the 1910 Edison Company film, "Ononko's Vow," illustrates a crucial point in the story, where the Indian, Ononko, is about to turn away from the English couple he just saved.
front "Ononko's Vow"

This promotional still from the 1910 Edison Company film, "Ononko's Vow," a silent film filmed in Deerfield, Massachusetts, that may have been an inspiration for the Deerfield Pageant of that year.
Cover "Jeanne D'Arc At Vaucouleurs"
Aug 2, 1909
Will Hutchins' outdoor drama, "Jeanne D'Arc at Vaucouleurs," was a dramatization of a crucial moment in the French saint's life and was performed at Deerfield in 1909.
document "Deerfield's Summer Plays"
Jun 26, 1909
Pageants and historical plays, grounded in fact but enhanced with fiction, were popular during the Arts and Crafts Movement.
document "Harrow Theater and Hutchins' Plays"
Aug 14, 1909
The Harrow Theater, comprised of amateur actors from the Deerfield community, was located to the rear of the Whiting house.


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