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document "Deerfield's Summer Plays"
Jun 26, 1909
Pageants and historical plays, grounded in fact but enhanced with fiction, were popular during the Arts and Crafts Movement.
front Jeanne D' Arc Performance
Theater was one of the arts that flourished in many communities in the early 1900's.
front Indians Glimpse a Vision of the Future
The outdoor historical pageants of Deerfield, Massachusetts, reveal how many Americans used the past to express their own hopes and fears for the future.
front "Barbara Reading" or "Stolen Fruit"
c. 1910
Frances and Mary Allen posed Barbara Allen, one of their nieces, in Puritan dress for this photograph taken in 1910.
front "Confidences"
c. 1914
Frances and Mary captured the Victorian ideal of female friendship when they posed these two women exchanging "confidences" in the doorway of a Deerfield, Massachusetts, home.
front "The Letter of the Law"
The Allen sisters of Deerfield, Massachusetts, captured the Colonial Revival interpretation of Puritan society in this photograph titled, "The Letter of the Law."
front "Learning to Sew"
Many Americans at the turn of the 20th century developed a newfound fascination with the people, customs and objects of the early colonial period.
front "Little Puritan"
c. 1911
This Allen Sisters photograph, taken in 1911, shows a young girl dressed in the clothing of a Puritan child.
front "Anachronism"
Stepping out of his 18th century character, this 'Indian' photographs a fellow 'Indian' in a child-like pose next to an anxious looking 'Puritan' woman.
front "Andrews Family"
In Old Deerfield's historical pageants local families acted out the lives of early settlers.


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