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document Illustrated Trade card of William Jackson's Brazen Head shop
c. 1769
Trade cards were an important form of advertising in the 18th century.
document "Boots, Shoes & Rubbers for Everybody at Sovereign's Cash Shoe Store"
c. 1880
In the years after the Civil War, shoe stores sprang up across America to sell the new machine-made shoes.
document Breck, Shephard, and Clark General Store Ad in Hampshire Gazette newspaper
Jun 27, 1787
This advertisement from Breck, Shephard, and Clark of Northampton, Massachusetts, is a list of a wide variety of fabrics and sewing needs, hardware, and a variety of other merchandise offered for sale.
document "Terrible Horror" article from the Journal of Industry newspaper
May 23, 1874
Newspaper coverage of the Mill River flood of 1874 emphasized the horrors of the disaster.
document Athol
This 1870 map of Athol shows an important regional transportation and manufacturing center on the border of Worcester and Franklin Counties, Massachusetts.
document "Unusual Store Prices in Many Local Stores Tomorrow" article from the Greenfield Daily Recorder newspaper
Aug 15, 1930
The economic crisis of the Great Depression caused many business to fail and in turn, massive unemployment.
document "Old Medicine Man Founded Toiletine Co." article from Greenfield Recorder-Gazette newspaper
Jun 9, 1953
This 1953 newspaper article from the Greenfield Recorder-Gazette in Greenfield, Massachusetts, describes how the Toiletine Company of Montague, Massachusetts, started in 1885.
document "Insist on Having Miner's Flavoring Extracts" Ad from Gazette and Courier newspaper
Dec 24, 1910
Toiletine Company Flavor Extract Advertisement.
Page 85 Pages from John Williams Day book
These pages from John Williams' day book show the types of goods people in Deerfield, Massachusetts were purchasing in the fall of 1783.
document "NRA Citizens Committee Told Factories Hired 225 More; Store Jobs Increase" article from Greenfield Daily Recorder-Gazette paper
Aug 11, 1933
This article describes the local committee in Greenfield, Massachusetts established to implement the program of the National Recovery Administration.


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