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front "Greenfield 200th Anniversary" plate
The 200th anniversary of Greenfield, Massachusetts, in 1953 generated a number of items including this commemorative plate.
front Deerfield Potatoes Bag
This potato sack from the Laczynski Brothers farm represents the success of the immigrants from Poland in the Pioneer Valley, who by 1900 were a significant percentage of Deerfield's population.
Cover "It Will Do You Good"- E. E. Flagg's Japanese Pain Reliever
c. 1900
Patent medicines often claimed to cure many unrelated conditions.
document "Improvement In Champooing And Hair Dyeing"
c. 1860
Exotic imagery was employed to sell this hair restorative product.
document "N. Vickary, Taxidermist"
c. 1870
Taxidermy, the art of preserving animals' bodies, was first practiced in England in the 17th century.
document Illustrated Trade card of William Jackson's Brazen Head shop
c. 1769
Trade cards were an important form of advertising in the 18th century.
document "Uroscopia."
Dec 3, 1846
Drs. Burt and Breck announced to the city of Greenfield in 1846 that they had begun a practice there in Uroscopy, which diagnosed diseases by examining the urine. This practiced was valued at a time when people were uncomfortable being physically examined.
document "Oil Cinnamon Cordial" advertisement
c. 1870
A flyer announces the arrival of cinnamon oil, an herbal medicine popular in the 19th century for stomach and other problems, in the stores of O. and A. Crosby of White Creek, New York.
document "Compliments of Greenfield Furniture & Undertaking Co."
c. 1910
The Green Furniture & Undertaking Company operated in Greenfield, Massachusetts, from 1906 to 1918. The combination of furniture and funeral facilities was common in the 19th century, since both required the careful joining of wooden pieces, for furniture or caskets.
document Trade Card of Hawks & Reed-Clothiers
Hawks & Reed Clothiers operated in Greenfield, Massachusetts, from 1877 to 1917; this trade card was one of their main methods of advertising their products.


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