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document Confederate bond
Mar 2, 1863
The Confederacy, like the Union, sold bonds to pay for the war. This is an example of one of the bonds that remained unsold.
document Affidavit for Wilson's plough
Oct 19, 1833
On October 19, 1833, Solomon Williams of Deerfield, Massachusetts, testified to the excellence of the plough invented by his fellow townsman, John Wilson.
document Promissory note to John Pynchon from John Hawks
Mar 9, 1699
This handwritten document of March 9, 1689 is signed by John Hawks (1643-c.1721), who promises to pay to John Pynchon or his heirs the sum of twelve pounds.
Page 1 John Hawks paid 1714, promisory note to John Pynchon
In this "promise to pay" (promissory note) of March 1698, John Hawks (1643-1721) has agreed to pay the sum of twelve pounds to Col. John Pynchon of Springfield, Massachusetts.
document Land sale between Seth Sheldon & Alvah and Zur Hawks
Jan 12, 1838
Seth Sheldon promised in this bond to purchase certain lands and buildings from fellow Deerfield, Massachusetts, residents Zur and Alvah Hawks.
document Contract between Consider Dickinson and Gilbert Hoyt
Mar 7, 1816
The contract, dated March 7, 1816, and signed by carpenter Gilbert Hoyt (b.1789), states the plans for buildings to be constructed on the property of Consider Dickinson (1761-1854) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, by Mr. Hoyt.


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