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Title page "The Illustrated American Biography; Containing Correct Portraits of The Principal Actors in American History"
Volume I, like the other five volumes, contains 100 portraits and brief biographical sketches of individuals who played an active part in American history.
Cover "America's Triumph at Panama"
The path between the seas - the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans - was ultimately completed by American workers in 1914.
Title page Graham Bread Recipe from "The New Hydropathic Cook-Book"
Sylvester Graham believed that a vegetable diet and eating bread made from coarsely ground "graham flour" would prevent or cure alcoholism.
Title page "A Son Of The Forest. The Experience Of William Apes, A Native Of The Forest"
William Apes wrote "A Son of the Forest," the first published autobiography by a Native American, in 1828.
Cover "The Boy Captive of Old Deerfield" excerpts
Originally published in 1904, this is the 1939 edition of the popular children's story of Stephen Williams and his capture in the February 1704 raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Volume 1 - Title page "A Half Century of Conflict"- Vol. I
This excerpt from Francis Parkman's (1826-1893) classic account of the 1704 raid on Deerfield shows not only Parkman's vivid writing style but reflects the prejudices of the day against the French and Indians.
Title page "Soldiers in King Philip's War..."
A 1906 account of the "Falls Fight," a massacre in 1676 by English settlers of Indians at the village of Peskeompscut, presents it as a heroic and necessary act and a suitable end to King Philip's War.
Title page Puritan Village patterns from "Historical Atlas of Massachusetts"
The layout of towns tells us a lot about the culture and society they belong to. The Puritan town sought to give its residents as equal a set of land as possible, using a model created in England and modified for the New World.
Title page "Ten Years of Massachusetts"
Massachusetts led the country in reforming conditions for working women and children by passing a large number of labor laws in the 1870s.
Volume 2 - Title page "The Census of Massachusetts: 1875, Vol. II"
Nearly fifty percent of the children of Massachusetts aged 10-15 worked full-time in 1875.


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