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Cover "Sermons, No. II- How To Change Your Heart"
Charles Grandison Finney was one of the greatest evangelical preachers in an era of religious revivals.
Page 1 Timothy Edwards' Sermon Notes
Mar 5, 1704
The Puritan minister Timothy Edwards (1669-1758) used these notes to deliver a sermon on the Sunday after the 1704 Deerfield Raid.
Title page "The Importance of Female Influence in the Support of Religion. A Sermon, delivered to a charitable Female Association"
May 15, 1810
Sermons were among the many quarters from which women received the message that their proper role and greatest influence was in the home.
Cover "Motives for Well-Doing. A Sermon, Delivered in Northampton, August 24, 1815. Before the Hampshire Missionary Society"
Aug 24, 1815
The Hampshire Missionary Society formed to support migrants from Old Hampshire County, Massachusetts, to establish religious institutions in western frontier towns.
Title page "Sermon preached to 1st Congregational Society in Deerfield, Mass. and in the Hearing of Several Indians of Both Sexes Supposed"
Aug 27, 1837
When Reverend John Fessenden (1804-1881) delivered this sermon on the theme that God ?hath made of one blood all nations of men,? the congregation included Native families visiting from Canada who said they were descendants of Deerfield-born Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams (1696-1785).
Inside cover "A Century Sermon Preached at Deerfield, Feb. 29, 1804: In Commemoration of the Destruction of the Town by French and Indians"
Feb 29, 1804
100 years after the raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, during Queen Anne's War, Reverend John Taylor (1762-1840) preached this sermon about the event, "ever to be remembered by the descendants of the sufferers, and other inhabitants of the town."
Cover "The Advantages and Praises of Wisdom. A Sermon Delivered at Deerfield, Jan. 1, A.D. 1799, at the Opening of Academy"
Jan 1, 1799
The Reverend Joseph Lyman emphasized the role of useful knowledge in this sermon delivered at the opening of Deerfield Academy in 1799.
Page 6 Pastoral Letter excerpted from "Good Fetch'd Out of Evil"
In the hands of ministers like Cotton Mather, the spiritual and physical hardships of New Englanders captured by Indians became powerful testimonials of religious faith in the face of extreme adversity and persecution.
Cover A Sermon Preach'd at Mansfield, August 4, 1741 -"The Power and Efficacy of the Prayers of the People of GOD"
Aug 4, 1741
When Eunice Williams visited New England for the second time since she was taken captive in a French and Indian raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1704, her cousin Solomon Williams (1700-1776), preached on "The Power and Efficacy of the Prayers of the People of GOD."
Cover "A Sermon Preach'd at the Funeral of the Reverend Mr. John Williams"
Jun 12, 1729
This typically lengthy sermon by the Reverend Isaac Chauncey repeatedly praised the Reverend John Williams' personal piety and sterling ministerial qualities despite personal tragedy and affliction.


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