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Cover "Learning By Doing At Hampton"
Boarding schools like the Hampton Institute sought not merely to educate but also to indoctrinate young Native and African American students in the values and customs of white society.
Cover "A Record of Sunderland in the Civil War of 1861 to 1865"
A town history commissioned in 1880 describes in some detail the Civil War stories of all the soldiers who served from Sunderland, Massachusetts.
Cover "The Cabinetwork at New Clairvaux"
Founded by Rev. Edward Pearson Pressey, New Clairvaux was a utopian community in Montague, Massachusetts.
Cover "Regulations For the Government of the Schools in the Town of Deerfield"
Apr 7, 1817
In the face of a new state regulation that allowed school districts to become self-governing in 1817, Deerfield decided instead to draw its school districts tighter to the town.
Cover "Prospectus of the Deerfield Academy and Dickinson High School"
This 1888 prospectus of Deerfield Academy and Dickinson High School in Deerfield, Massachusetts, shows that funding up-to-date, free public schools is not a new problem for towns.
Title page "Trolley Wayfinder"
This guide of the trolley lines in Massachusetts' Connecticut Valley shows how extensive the system had become a decade and a half after its creation.
Page 1 "Finance Report of the Town of Deerfield. 1860-61."
The town of Deerfield, Massachusetts, itemized its expenses in the fiscal year from 1860 to 1861.
Cover "Views On And About Mt. Tom And Of Mt.Tom Railroad"
c. 1900
Mt. Tom towers above the towns of Northampton and Holyoke, Massachusetts, on the Connecticut River.
Title page "The Hermit of Erving Castle"
The booklet excerpted here was one of two printed to benefit the man who called himself John Smith, the "Hermit" of Erving, Massachusetts, in the last half of the 19th century.
Cover "How to Use Florence Knitting Silk"
This booklet provides an illustrated lesson on the way silk is produced and traces the process from beginning to end.


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