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front "Old Folks Concert" poster
When the Second Congregational Church in Greenfield, Massachusetts, needed a new motor for their organ they turned to a professional group to put on an "Old Folks Concert."
document "Exhibition. Westfield Academy. Order of Exercises."
Apr 6, 1813
The academy in Westfield, Massachusetts, was one of the first such schools to be established in Massachusetts. Its yearly exhibition gives a glimpse into what the popular culture of the day found interesting.
document "Select School at Buckland"
Aug 22, 1865
Robert Hall, only nineteen years old when this advertisement was printed, tried to form his own "select school" in the town of Buckland. He may have wanted to emulate the success of the town's most famous schoolmistress, Mary Lyon.
document "In Memory of JAMES ABRAM GARFIELD"
c. 1881
Widely admired for his actions prior to the presidency, President James A. Garfield's assassination only months into his first term caused a great deal of sorrow.
document "If you Can't Laugh, Don't Come to See the Womanless Wedding"
Some travelling production companies staged plays using local actors.
document "Proclamation For Proroguing the General Court"
Dec 13, 1758
At the height of the French and Indian War, an administrative delay in drawing up lists of soldiers to be mustered forced the governor of Massachusetts to delay the meeting of the Massachusetts General Court (legislature).
document "Exhibition of the Young Men's Lyceum"
Feb 25, 1835
The young men of the town of Sunderland formed a lyceum, or educational society, in 1835 and began to offer lectures open to the public. This exhibition gives a good cross-slice of high-minded popular culture of the 1830s, including a debate about slavery.
document "Farmers Help the Belgians"
Deerfield, Massachusetts, reacted to the German invasion of Belgium in 1914, during World War I, by holding a fund-raiser and starting a relief fund.
document "Specimen of a Leaf of the Morus Multicaulis Tree for The Silk Grower"
c. 1870
This promotional flyer depicts the mulberry tree morus multicaulis, an agricultural experiment that caused a financial bubble in 1838.
document "Bloody Butchery, By The British Troops; Or The Runaway Fight Of The Regulars"
Apr 21, 1775
A propaganda poster proclaims defiance and mourns the dead from the battles of Lexington and Concord (April 17 and 18, 1775), the first of the American Revolution.


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