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front Stock (tie)
A "stock" was a formal men's wear accessory for the early 19th century.
front WWI Dog Tags of Lt. Henry N. Flynt

These World War I era tags were made of aluminum and were worn by Lt. Flynt for the two years of his service.
front French Document Fan
Folding hand-held fans were a fashion accessory for many women in the days before the 20th century.
document Cold Water Pledge insignia
c. 1830
At first, the temperance movement sought only to eliminate the use of hard liquor, but over time it advocating drinking only "cold water" thereby forbidding the use of beer, wine and hard cider, as well.
front Identification Badge of a Raytheon Manufacturing Company worker during WWII
This is the type of badge worn by employees of Raytheon Manufacturing Company's secret plant in Greenfield, Massachusetts, during World War II (WWII).
front Belt buckle
c. 1900
Madeline Yale Wynne's unusual designs were appreciated by Arts and Crafts enthusiasts.
front Pouch
c. 1906
In addition to creating fine needlework, Ellen Miller experimented with dyed leather goods.
Front matter Beaded Bag
c. 1866
Beaded bags with this type of decorative motif were made by Micmac and Maliseet peoples from northern Maine and Eastern Canada in the 19th century.
front Beaded Bag
Native American beaded bags of this style and shape were popular during the late Victorian era in the United States.
front Beaded Bag
This black velvet beaded bag was made by an Iroquois artisan between 1880 and 1890.


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