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front Top hat
A top hat was not restricted to formal wear in the early 19th century.
front Bonnet
In the early 19th century women wore bonnets such as this one to shade their faces from the sun.
front Woman's cap
It was fashionable in the early 19th century for women to wear caps, both indoors and out.
front Straw Hat

The purchase of a straw boater was an annual ritual for many men. This hat was purchased at a store in Amherst, Massachusetts, a center for the manufacture of straw hats around the turn of the century.
front WWI Helmet of Lt. Henry N. Flynt
This U.S. Army helmet, model M-1917, was worn by Lt. Henry Flynt, an officer with the artillery of the 78th "Lightning" Division during World War I.
front Tricorn Hat
c. 1775
Civilians as well as military men wore tricorn hats like this one owned by Colonel Joseph Stebbins Jr. (1749-1816) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, during the American Revolution (1775-1783).
front Admiral Francis John Higginson (1843-1931) Dress hat

The metal case in which to Rear Admiral Francis J. Higginson (1843-1931) stored his uniform hat kept the hat from getting crushed, wet or dirty.
front Uniform Hat

This hat was worn by Brigadier General Frederick Pierce of the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry. The 2nd Massachusetts was a part of the militia, a system that died out during World War I when its deficiencies became apparent. It was reborn as the National Guard.


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