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front Maple Syrup Container

This tin syrup container was used to can syrup produced in Franklin County; then and now Massachusetts' largest maple syrup producing county.
front Sugar Bowl with Lid
c. 1840
This ceramic sugar bowl is a reminder of how sugar became increasingly affordable by the mid-19th century due to an expanding number of slave plantations in the Deep South.
front "Guilford Mineral Spring Water, Guilford, Vermont" bottle

Drinking mineral water was advocated by 19th century health practitioners.
front Reed Basket

Made of reeds this large openwork basket may have been used to store feather beds in the summer.
front Stoneware Crock

This gray stoneware crock with cobalt blue decoration was used for food storage.
front Basketry drinking cup
c. 1850
This basketry drinking cup from the Northwest Coast, was among the objects transferred from the Deerfield Academy Museum to the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association in 1877.
front Birch bark mukak
This birch bark mukak is said to have been picked up in Deerfield, Massachusetts, after the 1675 "Bloody Brook Massacre."
front Shampoo and Lotion products made by The Toiletine Company
These are two products from the Toiletine Company, in Greenfield and Montague, Massachusetts.
front Cinnamon and Wintergreen Extracts made by The Toiletine Company
These are two extract bottles from the Toiletine Company, in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
front Covered birch bark container
c. 1800
Birch bark boxes were widely made and used by Native people in the Northeast both before and after contact with Europeans.


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