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front Reed Basket with cover
c. 1920
The Arts and Crafts Movement in Deerfield, Massachusetts, brought with it a resurgence of basketmaking.
front Willow Basket
c. 1920
Eastern European immigrants introduced willow basket making to Deerfield, Massachusetts, artisans.
front Cheese Basket

This wooden splint basket, with its lacy pattern, was lined with a cheesecloth, and used to drain the whey from the curds when making cheese.
front Basket
c. 1910
Arts and Crafts artisans imitated Native Americans' use of sweet grass when making baskets.
front Palm Leaf Basket
The Deerfield Basketmakers revived the palm leaf industry in the area when they used the light and delicate leaves to weave baskets.
front Raffia Basket
The Deerfield Basketmakers used long, soft raffia grass to make their decorative baskets.
front Abenaki Knitting basket
c. 1915
This is a covered Abenaki wood splint basket with a braided handle.
front Birch bark waste paper basket
Rural, scenic routes like the Mohawk Trail in western Massachusetts allowed Americans to combine their new-found passion for motoring with increasing interest in nature and Native culture.
front Abenaki Basket
Jeanne Brink, an Abenaki basketmaker from Vermont, made this modern wood splint basket.
front Basket with cover
This basket was made by Marie Saraphine (Sophie) Watso Denis-Paul, an Abenaki descendent of Eunice Williams (Kanenstenhawi).


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