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front "The Rapids"

This view, presumably of rapids in the Deerfield River, had translucent color added to the entire plate after the plate was initially inked with brown.
front "The Pool in the Woods"
c. 1938
The pool in wooded area near Deerfield, Massachusetts', north meadows was a destination for artists.
front "Willows"
c. 1935
Arthur Negus Fuller (1879-1945) was able to add depth and tone to this landscape by leaving more ink on the plate at the river's edge.
front "The Little House"
In 1915 Arthur Negus Fuller (1879-1945) purchased what was known as the Little Brown House in Deerfield, Massachusetts, for his studio.
front "Morning Mist"
c. 1920
The impressive elm tree in front of Arthur Negus Fuller's (1879-1945) studio, the Little Brown House, dwarfs the lone figure of a woman.
front "Winter"
c. 1930
The asymmetrical composition and the particular shade of blue in this print are reminiscent of Japanese prints.
front "Reflections"
c. 1935
Although a solitary fisherman, a house, and the church steeple populate this landscape, they almost disappear among the dense foliage along the Deerfield River.
front "The Country Lane"
Nov 30, 1919
Arthur Negus Fuller (1879-1945) employed a formula used by landscape painters in composing this scene.
front "The Foot Bridge"
c. 1925
The towering elm tree dominates a rural landscape that is enlivened by a highly colored sky.
front "By the River"
Nov 30, 1919
One of two known prints dated 1920, Arthur Fuller's early colored etchings confirm his enthusiasm for color.


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