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front Pot Hook

The iron pot hook, made by a blacksmith of wrought iron, was used to hang pots and kettles over the cooking fire.
front Steak Knife

The Nichols Brothers cutlery plant that made this steak knife was one of several cutlery factories located in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
front Bean Pot
Made of earthenware, this glazed (on the inside only) bean pot could stay in the brick oven near the fireplace for hours to bake the dried beans that had been combined with molasses, mustard, onion, and salt pork.
front Pot Hooks/Adjustable Trammels

The trammel portion of the hook allows for five different positions of the hook, on which a pot or kettle would be hung over the fire.
front Brass Skimmer

The long handled skimmer, made of brass, was used to lift solid food from the cooking pot while leaving the liquid broth in the vessel.
front Gridiron

This iron fireplace implement, stamped "GRAVES" on the back of the handle, was used for grilling or toasting meat or bread before the hearth.
front Mill Stone

The first known mill stone used in Deerfield, Massachusetts, stands by the front door of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Society Museum.
front Mortar

This Native American grinding stone, or mortar, was found in Whately, Massachusetts.
front Elmer's Double-Acting Butter Churn
Jun 29, 1880
Edwin Elmer, a native of Ashfield, Massachusetts, was the inventor of this double-acting butter churn.
front Steatite Vessel
This is a tall, narrow vessel made out of a stone called steatite.


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