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document Travel passport for Mercy Carter's sons
Jul 5, 1751
This handwritten note, dated July 5, 1751, was intended to assure safe passage of two sons of Mercy Carter (captured in 1704 in Deerfield and married to a "Caugnauwaga Indian") from Albany to Norwalk, Connecticut.
document Order and results of physical exam on Thomas Williams Ashley
Apr 6, 1917
This document, dated April 6, 1917, certifies that Thomas Williams Ashley (1894-1918) was given a physical exam and ordered to report to the Marine Barracks in Washington.
document Receipt of Caleb Phillips
Dec 4, 1787
Caleb Phillips was a participant in Shays' Rebellion (1786-87) and had his musket confiscated from him, like many of his Ashfield, Massachusetts, neighbors.
document Bill from Deerfield Selectmen for Military Supplies used in Shays' Rebellion
This invoice, dated 1787, was for supplies debted to various Deerfield residents in the period of Daniel Shays' Rebellion, which had begun in 1786.
Page 1 Military Firearm Log for Shays' Rebellion
Joseph Stebbins, Jr. was a Colonel in the militia during the Revolutionary War and is, in 1787, serving as keeper of the arms used and confiscated in Deerfield during Shays' Rebellion.
document Commission of the Grand Army Republic Post No. 84
Apr 17, 1872
The Deerfield post of the Grand Army of the Republic was founded in 1872.
Cover "GAR Personal War Sketches presented to Myron E. Stowell Post No. 84"
This history of the Deerfield, Massachusetts, post of the Grand Army of the Republic emphasizes that the organization will eventually disappear with the death of its members.
document Oath of Allegiance of Isaac Abercrombie
Mar 2, 1787
An oath of allegiance was required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of all men believed to have participated in Shays' Rebellion.
document Shelburne Committee addresses Selectmen of Deerfield in Town Warrant
Jan 25, 1787
Petition from town of Shelburne, Massachusetts, to the selectmen of Deerfield regarding the participants in Shays' Rebellion.
document Public Vendue of land in Bernardston for non-payment of taxes to Caleb Chapin
Apr 8, 1788
Affidavit from the Bernardston, Massachusetts, tax collector stating that Lot 48 was sold at public auction to Caleb Chapin.


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