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document Town of Leverett Bill to John Clapp Jr. for Rufus Clary
During the early 19th century, the care of the poor, sick, elderly or mentally ill was often appointed to poor farmers or the lowest bidder in an open auction.
document Capt. Moses Scott military settlement
Jul 21, 1782
An account of the fine money Captain Moses Scott of Bernardston, Massachusetts received and paid out.
document Bill to Elijah Fuller regarding cotton
Feb 3, 1849
Demand for cotton throughout the United States ensured the survival of slavery in the South.
document Order for provisions for governmental troops during Shays' Rebellion
Feb 4, 1787
General Benjamin Lincoln signed this paper giving twenty-five rations of bread and meat to Matthew Gillche on February 4, 1787
document Zebulon Graves invoice for use of horse
It cost Joel Munn (1745-1779) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, thirteen shillings and four pence each time he rented Zebulon Graves' horse to ride to Boston..
document Supplies for Troops
Jan 1, 1782
The new State governments were virtually bankrupt by 1782, and the paper currency they issued had lost so much of its value that Thomas Dickinson insisted on being paid in "hard" gold or silver money for the beef he supplied to the town of Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1781.
document Auction bill of Dennis Stebbins
Nov 11, 1839
Major Dennis Stebbins (1778-1842) purchased a variety of items, including furniture, a song book, and a game board at an auction of his deceased son Claudius Herrick Stebbins' (1803-1839) personal estate in 1839.
document List of Books bought by Joseph Barnard
May 12, 1772
This order by Joseph Barnard of Deerfield, Massachusetts, of English law books through a Boston bookseller in 1772, suggests the degree to which American colonists relied upon English Common Law and statutes to craft their own laws and legal arguments.
document Fabric order for Orlando Ware's store
Jan 7, 1811
Orlando Ware's store in Deerfield, Massachusetts, received this order for cotton cloth in 1811.
Page 1 List of medicines bought from Ebenezer Hunt by William Stoddard Williams
Jun 14, 1796
The list of 18 items sold by Dr. Ebenezer Hunt to Dr. William Stoddard Williams is dated June 14, 1790 in Northampton, Massachusetts.


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