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Cover "What befell Stephen Williams in his captivity"
c. 1706
Stephen Williams wrote this account of his eighteen month captivity among the Abenaki and the French shortly after returning to New England in the spring of 1706.
Title page Excerpts from Agnes Gordon Higginson Fuller Diary
Robert Higginson Fuller describes the death of his father, the artist George Fuller, in 1884, from Bright's Disease, and how his doctors were helpless to do anything about it.
Cover Botany notes from school book belonging to Agnes Higginson
Mar 28, 1859
Agnes Higginson Fuller, as a mid-19th century woman, had the uncommon experience of attending classes at an institution of higher education.
Title page Excerpts on slavery from "Anecdotes and Reminiscences . A Labor of Love"
Jun 18, 1892
Mary Willard, the daughter of Deerfield's Reverend Samuel Willard wrote a memoir of her family for her niece
Page 1 Excerpts from Remembrance of Captain Park Holland and his participation in Shays' Rebellion
Captain Park Holland wrote this reminiscence account of Shays' Rebellion in 1834.
Page 1 Journal of Sarah Howe on Shays' Rebellion
Sarah Howe, of Petersham, Massachusetts, wrote a journal with her reminiscences of the time of the American Revolution and the years following, including the events at the Springfield Arsenal.
Page 19 Pages from the second Journal of Sarah Howe on Shays' Rebellion
Sarah Howe, of Petersham, Massachusetts, wrote a journal with her reminiscences of the time of the American Revolution and the years following.
Page 1 Sketches of Brazil & Chili by Jeremiah Madison Doe on his voyage from Massachusetts around Cape Horn to California
Like many other New Englanders, Jeremiah Madison Doe (1811-1884), a shoemaker living in Metheun, Massachusetts, succumbed to Gold Rush fever.
Cover "Remarks and Observations" by Justin Hitchcock
Justin Hitchcock (1752-1822) wrote these engaging and rambling reminiscences at the end of the 1700s, looking back over among other things, his early failures in singing school (he later became an accomplished musician), and his Revolutionary War service.
Page 1 Medical Cases of Stephen West Williams: Angina Pectori.
c. 1815
Stephen West Williams (1790-1855), a physician in Deerfield, Massachusetts, kept a medical journal of cases he treated.


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