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Cover "The Sabrinian"
Nov 13, 1918
"The Sabrinian" is a publication of Amherst College; this edition is published by the class of 1916 and contains a tribute to class member Thomas Ashley of Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Cover "The Dyke Mill Bulletin, No. I"
The Dyke Mill project, based in Montague, Massachusetts, was an utopian community that hoped to sell its work, the most visible part of which was printed items.
Page 1 "Supplement to the New England Farmer, and Gardener's Journal"
Jan 9, 1839
These pages from the 1839 New England Farmer demonstrate how vibrant the market was for agricultural inventions even in this early period. Nearly every item has been patented or "improved."
Page 89 "Manufacture of Silk Not New in New England" from New England Farmer
Oct 2, 1833
The New England Farmer promoted the manufacture of silk in America.
Page 193 "Chinese Mulberry" and "Persian Management of Silkworms from New England Farmer"
Jan 1, 1834
In columns from an 1834 New England Farmer, vital questions about the problems of raising silk in Massachusetts are asked. Apparently conclusive answers are delivered.
Page 249 "Culture of Silk" from New England Farmer
Feb 19, 1834
As a part of an effort to cultivate silk in Massachusetts, the legislature passed a bounty to be paid to successful producers. Although the bounty would induce many to enter the silk industry, technical and environmental problems would ruin nearly all of them within a decade.
Page 81 "The Silk Culturist"
The Silk Culturist was a newspaper about the silk industry published in Hartford, Connecticut.
Cover "The Youth's Companion World Fair"
May 4, 1893
The Youth's Companion periodical was first published in 1827 and was geared to the education of youth; this edition of May 4,1893, is devoted to the Chicago World's Fair of 1893.
Cover "Picturesque Hampshire"
This excerpt is from "Picturesque Hampshire," a locally written and published description of the county that was part of a series of similar county guides. Its photographs were by Clifton Johnson (1865-1940). He later had a rich career as an author, photographer, and illustrator.
Cover "The World's Work" - War Manual of the Great 1914 European Conflict
This book was published just months after the start of the First World War, before the true horror of that conflict could be known. It nonetheless has some remarkably far-seeing insights on that devastating conflict.


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