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front Piccolo

Stamped "Clementi London," this wooden piccolo is less than 12 inches in length.
front Flute
c. 1825
This wooden flute, made by Muzio Clemente (1752-1832) in London c. 1825, was owned in Deerfield, Massachusetts.
front Trombone
Trombone manufactured by Charles W. Hutchins' company of Springfield, Massachusetts.
front Pitch pipe
c. 1790
Since church choir members or "singers" generally sang a capella, a pitch pipe like this one that belonged to Justin Hitchcock (1752-1822) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, helped them to find their starting note.
front Estey Organ
c. 1887
Parlor organs were fashionable emblems of family and religion in the Victorian home.
front Piano
c. 1805
This early 19th century piano bears the label of the Italian composer and performer, Muzio Clemente (1752-1832).
front Spinet
c. 1680
This c.1680 spinet was made in London and is signed by the maker, Stephanus Keene.
front Bass Viol
Most early New England meeting houses lacked organs in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and used other instruments to accompany the singing such as this bass viol made and used by Justin Hitchcock (1752-1822) of Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1770.
front Keyed Bugle
This locally owned keyed bugle was made in Winchester, New Hampshire. by J. Kent for Graves & Company.


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