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Page 3 "A Visit "in the Gazette and Mercury Newspaper
Aug 29, 1837
An item in the Greenfield newspaper of August 29, 1837, describes a visit of a group of St. Francis Indians, descendants of Eunice Williams, to a site three miles from Deerfield, Massachusetts.
Page 3 "Civilization rebuked by the savage" in "Gazette and Mercury" Newspaper
Sep 5, 1837
A small item in the September 5, 1837, edition of the Greenfield newspaper recounts an incident between townspeople and Abenakis encamped on the outskirts of town.
document "Shorter Hours for Women"
Jul 14, 1900
In 1900 Massachusetts labor reforms lowered the number of hours that women and children could work to 58 hours a week.
document "The Vicksburg Daily Citizen"
Jul 2, 1863
The Vicksburg Daily Citizen was printed on wallpaper near the end of the siege, and it detailed life in that besieged city until the bitter end on 3 July 1863.
document "South Deerfield- High School Building Dedicated With Excellent Program"
Deerfield, Massachusetts, had long had an arrangement with the Deerfield Academy to jointly run its local public high school, but in 1923 it was at last forced to separate. By 1924 its newly built public high school was completed.
document "South Deerfield Briefs- School Exhibition at South Deerfield"
School exhibitions, like the ritual school plays of today, were showcases for the school and its students. This one from 1924 was nearly purely entertainment, as opposed to the ones from fifty years before, which were nearly entirely instructional.
document "South Deerfield- South Deerfield to Have Conference on Health in Schools"
An announcement for a 1924 conference on public health in the schools is couched in terms of building the race, terms that verge perilously toward eugenics.
document "South Deerfield- To Build New School-House"
May 14, 1912
In 1913, a new school was planned to replace an 1880s school that the town had outgrown. The new school was to be built to the most modern standards.
Page 1 "South Deerfield- The Mount Sugar Loaf School"
Feb 3, 1913
The completion of the new grammar school in South Deerfield in 1913 reflected the community's growth after a long period of stagnation. The school itself consolidated several one-room schools into a new model, which separated the children by class.
document "Deerfield Academy Cooking Class Entertains"
May 25, 1907
The Deerfield Academy's cooking class prepared a dinner for the older boys and teachers of the academy in 1907. The girls were being trained for lives as housewives and mothers.


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