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front Cane
c. 1903
This cane was a retirement gift to Samuel Lamb (1821-1908) one of the longest serving attorneys inGreenfield, Massachusetts.
front Carpet Bag
Known as a "carpet bag" because it is fashioned from the heavy carpeting ordinarily seen on floors, this leather-handled bag, complete with a metal lock, was owned in Bennington, Vermont.
front Reticule
This drawstring bag, known as a "reticule," was used as a purse.
front Pocketbook
c. 1835
This leather pocketbook was purchased by a South Deerfield, Massachusetts, man in 1835, just as manufactured leather pocketbooks were beginning to be distributed in the United States.
front Wallet
c. 1930
This wallet was made in the South Deerfield, Massachusetts, plant of the Arms Manufacturing Company in 1930. The plant operated in South Deerfield until soon after 1948.
front Riding Crop
c. 1919
Julia D.S. Snow of Greenfield, Massachusetts, had this riding crop or swagger stick custom-made for her dress uniform when she served as a U.S. Army nurse during World War I. It was not a standard part of the uniform.
front Spectacles
This type of eighteenth century spectacle frame was developed by Benjamin Martin in the 1750s.
front Spectacles
These spectacles are very typical of those used in the eighteenth century.
front Pocketbook

This pocketbook, or wallet, is a flat leather folding case for money or personal papers that can be carried in a pocket or a handbag.
front Steamer Trunk
c. 1850
This steamer trunk contains bags and jars of dry paint pigments.


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